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Checklist: Removing Ghost Meeting Rooms

Meeting room resources are wasted from time to time, like when rooms were booked but no one showed up, or when folks cancel or reschedule an event without updating the room reservation. Yeastar Workplace releases these unused rooms automatically for others to use.


This feature is only available for Yeastar Workplace Pro Plan.

Video tutorial

How it works?

When no one is detected in a room by people counting sensors within a customizable time window, Yeastar Workplace automatically releases these unused rooms to avoid the waste of resources.

Required devices

Install and register LoRaWAN gateway

LoRaWAN gateway will be used to transmit the data about meeting room usage, which is collected by the people counting sensors.

  1. Install LoRaWAN gateway.

  2. Register LoRaWAN gateway to Yeastar Workplace

Register and install people counting sensor

people counting sensor collects the meeting room occupancy status and the number of participants in a meeting. (no personally identifiable information is used, collected, or uploaded.)

  1. Register people counting sensor VS121.
  2. Install people counting sensor VS121.

Customize auto-release strategy

You have completed the registration and installation of the devices, now the devices will release ghost meeting rooms based on auto-release strategy.

Auto-release strategy is enabled by default. You can customize auto-release strategy to determine the duration before releasing the room when no one is detected by sensors.

After you have completed the steps above, Yeastar Workplace will automatically remove ghost meeting rooms.

Time saved from auto-release

The Yeastar Workplace dashboard provides a reporting and analytics section called Time saved from auto-release. This chart shows the time saved from the auto-release strategy of the meeting rooms compared with the time of normal meetings.

Check out the chart in the web dashboard to learn more!

Last update: September 2, 2022
Created: December 16, 2021

Author: Cody