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Get to Know Yeastar Workplace Visitor Management System


Inviter: The user who created the visit schedule.

Host: The user who is selected as the Host in the visit schedule.

Receptionist: The user who was assigned visit schedule management privileges by administrators, including editing, deleting, checking in, and submitting questionnaires for all visit schedules within the assigned authority.

Yeastar Workplace visits usage flow

 Invite a visitor

Invite a visitor to your workplace. You can invite visitors for yourself or for your colleagues.
For more information, see Invite a Visitor.

 Before visits

  • Check-in questionnaires are required for every visit schedule. You can enable visitors to submit the questionnaire or submit it for your visitors.
    For more information, see Submit Check-in Questionnaire
  • You can edit or delete your visit schedule, if you are a receptionist, you can edit or delete all visit schedules within your authority.
    For more information, see View and Manage Visit Schedules

  Visitor arrival

When a visitor arrives, they can check themselves in via the Visitor Screen or you can check in for them.
For more information, see Check in to a Visit Schedule

Last update: October 25, 2022
Created: September 30, 2022