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Add Users and Groups

Add your coworkers to your Yeastar Workplace company account, so that they can interact with the Yeastar Workplace system.

Add user groups

Before you jump in, think about if you need to configure user groups and assign different booking permissions. If no user groups are added, all users are directly classified under your organization.


  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace management portal.
  2. Go to User Management > Users and Groups, click Add User Group.

3. Enter the group name, then click OK.

You can group users based on departments, roles, or location.

The added groups are displayed under the organization as the following figure.


Bulk add users

You have two ways to add users: add an individual user or bulk import users. For the first time setup, we suggest that you import users by an Excel file to improve work efficiency.


Prepare an Excel file that contains user information. The import feature supports seven columns.

Sample file

Check the following sample file to start with.

  A B C D E F G
1 First Name Last Name Department Email Address Mobile Extension Role
2 Alisa Liu PM Team 15772938735 6002 user
3 Betty Zhang R&D Team 15772938700 6008 user
4 Cindy Ma Sales Team 15778838700 6021 administrator
Requirements of an imported file
  • Format: xls or xlsx.
  • Size: Less than 100 MB
  • File name: Less than 127 characters
  • Import parameters: Ensure that the import parameters meet requirements. For more information, see Users Parameters.


  • The Headers (parameters in the first row) are case sensitive, do NOT change them.
  • The First Name, Department, Email Address, and Role are required parameters.
  • The Department names (or group names) must be created on the web portal in advance.


  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace management portal.

  2. Go to User Management > Users and Groups, click Import/Export and select Import.

  3. In the pop-up window, click Upload Excel.

  4. Select your prepared Excel file, and click Import to start uploading the file.


Imported successfully

The users will be listed on the web page as the following figure shows:

Importing failed

  • A pop-up window says "Import failed." : In this case, no data was imported.

    1. Modify the imported file according to Users Parameters.
    2. Re-import the modified file.
  • A pop-up window says "Failed to import part of data.": In this case, part of the data was imported to the system.


    1. Click Download Logs to download the log and check for the error cause .
    2. Modify the log file according to Users Parameters.
    3. Re-import the modified log file.

What to do next

The next, you will need to register devices to the Yeastar Workplace, and configure your room resources, etc. Get everything prepared, then start to invite your coworkers.

Last update: September 21, 2022
Created: December 16, 2021

Author: carol