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Set up Meeting Service

Meeting services are designed to handle users' specific meeting needs, such as room cleaning, technical support, equipment assistance, etc. Administrators can customize the types of meeting services and specify users who provide or are responsible for each meeting service.


  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace management portal, and go to Meeting Room > Room Preferences.
  2. In the Meeting Service section, click the Allow to Book Meeting Service dropdown list and select Enable.
  3. Click Add Service Type to add new service types.

    1. In the Service Type field, specify the type of this meeting service.
    2. Click the Contact dropdown list to select the user(s) who provides or is responsible for this type of service.
  4. Click Save.


You have set up the meeting service successfully.

When users add or edit meetings, they are able to achieve the followings:

  • Decide whether to use meeting service.

  • Choose which type of service they need.

  • Select the time and contact(s) for the notification.

Last update: October 31, 2022
Created: October 31, 2022