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Set up Access Control

Access control allows you to decide which users can enter meeting rooms with access control, and whether to keep the door open in certain circumstances. This topic describes how to set up access control and enable access control for each meeting room.


  • Yeastar Workplace Plan: Pro Plan
  • Supported device: Yeastar Room Display DS7310, DS7315
  • Room Display firmware: Version 1.7.76 or later



  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace management portal, go to Meeting Room > Room Preferences > Basic Settings.

  2. In the Access Control Settings section, enable and set up access control.

    1. In the Allow Rooms to Enable Access Control dropdown list, select Enable.
    2. Configure the following settings.

      Setting Description
      Access Control Allowlist Specify which users and groups can access all the meeting rooms with access control enabled at any time.


      By default, when a meeting room is enabled with access control, only participants of the current meeting are allowed to access the meeting room.

      Stay Open When Room is in Use
      • Enable: The door will keep open when the meeting room is in use.
      • Disable: The door will be closed ten seconds after opening it.
      Stay Open When Room Display is Offline
      • Enable: The door will keep open when the Room Display connected to the access controller is offline.


        It's recommended to enable this feature to ensure free access to the meeting room in case of the Room Display went offline.

      • Disable: The door will remain as it was before the Room Display went offline.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Enable access control for meeting rooms.

    1. Go to Meeting room > Room Management.
    2. Select the desired meeting rooms and click Edit.
    3. Click the Smart Device Settings tab and select Access Control Settings, then select Enable from the drop-down list.
    4. Click Save.


You have set up access control for meeting rooms. The configured settings are applied to all meeting rooms that have access control enabled.

When users try to enter a meeting room with access control, they can tap > on Room Display and verify their identities accordingly. The system will only allow the following users into the meeting room:

Last update: April 11, 2023
Created: December 5, 2022