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Install and Register Devices

Yeastar Workplace provides meeting room features(auto-release, real-time occupancy status on Room Displays, and meeting room usage data on the dashboard) via smart devices.

In order to use those features, you need to install and register the devices:

Install and register a room display

Room displays indicate the real-time occupancy status of meeting rooms. Also, provide users with a convenient way to book meeting rooms.

  1. Install a room display.
  2. Register a room display to Yeastar Workplace.

Install and register a LoRaWAN gateway

LoRaWAN gateway will be used to transmit the data about meeting room usage, which is collected by the people counting sensors.

  1. Install the LoRaWAN gateway.
  2. Register the LoRaWAN gateway to Yeastar Workplace.

Register and install sensors

Sensors collect occupancy status and usage of meeting rooms and upload the data to Yeastar Workplace via smart devices gateway to ensure the accuracy of the status displayed on room displays. Also, provide quantifiable data to help admins understand the utilization of the meeting room resources.


Sensors are only available for Yeastar Workplace Pro Plan.

People counting sensor

  1. Install a people counting sensor
  2. Register a people counting sensor

Room comfort sensor

  1. Install a room comfort sensor
  2. Register a room comfort sensor

Last update: August 15, 2022
Created: January 26, 2022

Author: Cody