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On-Premise Deployment Overview

On-premise is the deployment of Yeastar Workplace on your dedicated servers, including physical servers and cloud-based servers.

This topic describes what you need to prepare before deployment, and provides step-by-step procedures for installing Yeastar Workplace on your dedicated server, as well as activating Yeastar Workplace and creating a company account.

 Prepare your server and network

Identify your needs and prepare the required items accordingly. Items of general requirements include the following:
  • Server
  • Domain name
  • SSL certificate
  • SMTP server
Get to know what you need to prepare and the requirements, see Prepare Your Server and Network.

 Install Yeastar Workplace

Connect to your server and use the Linus commands to install Yeastar Workplace.

 Activate and create a company account

To activate Yeastar Workplace, see the following topics:

Last update: April 18, 2023
Created: July 11, 2022