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Edit Meeting Rooms

After the meeting rooms have been added to the system, you can make changes to some of the content, such as modifying booking permission or adding new facilities to this room.


  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace web portal, click the account button in the top-right corner, and select Management Portal.
  2. Go to Meeting room > Room Management to view all meeting rooms on your list.
  3. Click of a desired meeting room.
  4. In the pop-up window, edit the room details.

    • Name: Enter a name to help you and your colleagues identify this meeting room.
    • Calendar: This field is only available when you have integrated with a third-party(Google Workspace or Microsoft 365).

      • Change the meeting room calendar: Select the available meeting room calendar from the drop-down list. Once completed, all room bookings for this room will be removed.
      • Delete the meeting room calendar: The existing room bookings of this meeting room will remain. This meeting room can still be booked via Yeastar Workplace web portal and room displays, but no longer synchronizes data with third-party calendars.
    • Building & Floor: Select data from the drop-down list, which is derived from the building information in Manage Office Buildings.

    • Capacity: Enter the maximum number of people the room can accommodate to help users find a room that matched their meeting size.
    • Facility: Included facilities in the room. 5 items by default, all editable. You can add or delete items by yourself.
    • Smart devices: Select smart devices to connect to this room.
    • Booking type: Booking type will determine whether this room can be booked by users.

      • Regular Meeting Room: Can be booked by users, room display shows the real-time occupancy status.
      • Dedicated Meeting Room: For dedicated use, can not be booked by users. The room display shows "Dedicated Meeting Room".
    • Room Display Booking: This section is only available when a room display is bound to this room.

      • Check the checkbox to allow users to book rooms on this room display.
      • Uncheck the checkbox to disallow users to book rooms on this room display. In this case, the interface of this room display will change. For more information, see this topic.
    • Booking permission: Select which users or groups can book the meeting room.

  5. Click OK to save your edit.


If the room you edited was synced from a third-party calendar, the modification you made will not be updated to the third-party calendar.

Last update: May 7, 2022

Author: Cody