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What is Yeastar Workplace?

Workplace scheduling solution to lead you into smart office

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Yeastar Workplace is a one-stop workplace scheduling solution for modern office and the future of work, covering meeting rooms, desks, and visitors management.

As the first step in establishing Yeastar Workplace as a comprehensive solution, we are now releasing a version of the meeting room booking system to help businesses step away from the hustle and bustle of booking a meeting room.

Why you need to change?

Traditional room booking is NOT working anymore

Meeting rooms have always been and will continue to be an important part of a workplace. However, if a meeting room is difficult to book or locate, your employees will lose their time and energy.

Just like traffic jams, the following situations happen from time to time to hinder smooth daily operation:

Double bookings & interrupted meetings

"I have booked a room for an upcoming meeting, but other users are already using the meeting room. 🥵"

"I need to book a room urgently as my customer is on the way to our office. Finding room by room could not be a good idea.😱"

Ghost Meetings

"This meeting room is being booked but nobody is in there.😅"

Requirement Mismatch

"Only 5 people in a room with a capacity of 20 people, it's really wasteful.🤨"

Administrative Costs

"Day by day, same rooms, different people, always like a traffic controller, please save me from the meeting room schedule Excel.😫" — From a receptionist

What's the solution of Yeastar Workplace?

Yeastar Workplace provides a smart solution to take the pain out of finding a meeting room and manage your workplace efficiently.

Check key features below:

Easy implement

  • Ready to use in less than 3 minutes from sign up.

Efficiently manage your workplace

  • Simple control of your workplace through a web portal, including people, space, and facilities.
  • Set booking rules to manage how and when users can book the meeting rooms.

Easy to use (Book anywhere anytime)

  • Easily book rooms on web (responsive design for both mobile and desktop).
  • At-a-glance status and instant book on the room display outside each meeting room.
  • Book straight from your calendar: Google Workplace, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Teams.

Easy to use (user experience)

  • Timeline view
  • Filter ideal rooms for different needs
  • One-click booking
  • Notifications for different events

Smart detection & smart insights

  • Automatically detect and release vacant rooms.
  • Powerful analytics with the help of occupancy sensors

Last update: June 24, 2022

Author: carol