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Install Milesight LoRaWAN Gateway UG65

Package contents

Before you begin to install the UG65 gateway, you need to check the package contents to verify that you have received the items below.

ethernet-cable dc-jack-power-adapter mounting-bracket
1 × UG65 1 × Ethernet Cable 1 × DC Jack Power Adapter 1 × Mounting Bracket
bracket-fixing-screws.pngwall-mounting-kit.png warranty-card.png quick-start-guide.png lora-antenna.png
Bracket Fixing Screws & Wall Mounting Kits 1 × Warranty Card 1 × Quick Start Guide 1 × LoRa Antenna (External antenna version included)

Hardware overview



No. Item
LED Area
POWER: Power Indicator
STATUS: System Indicator
LoRa: LoRa Indicator
Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi Indicator
LTE: Cellular Indicator
ETH: Ethernet Port Indicator
LoRa Antenna Connector
(only for external antenna version)
Bracket Mounting Screws
Type-C Port
Ethernet Port (PoE)
Power Connector
Reset Button
Waterproof Silicone
Cable Groove

Installation precautions

  • The device must not be modeled in any way.
  • Do not place the device close to objects with naked flames.
  • Do not place the device where the temperature is below/above the operating range.
  • Do not power on the device or connect it to other electrical device when installing.
  • Check lightning and water protection when used outdoors.
  • Do not connect or power the equipment using cables that have been damaged.

Connect the Ethernet cable and power cable

  1. Connect the Ethernet cable to the ETH port of the gateway.
  2. Connect the power cable to the power connector of the gateway.
  3. Pass two cables through the waterproof silicone and slid into the grooves.
  4. Screw the protective cover back to the device.



UG65 gateway can also be powered by 802.3af standard PoE injector or other PoE devices. If both connected, DC power is preferred.


When connecting, Ethernet cable of UG65 device side should be installed first, otherwise, PoE devices or gateway may be damaged.

Connect the antenna

For external antenna version,
rotate the antenna into the antenna connector accordingly.
The external antenna should be installed vertically always on a site with a good signal.


Do not let the front panel of products faces to walls if using embedded LoRa antennas.

Mount the LoRaWAN gateway

UG65 can be mounted to a wall or a pole. Before you start, make sure your antennas have been attached and all cables have been installed.


Do not power up the gateway until installation is complete.

Mounting position

UG65 gateway supports the same floor range detection in open office buildings. It is recommended to use one gateway for one floor with the following installation notes:

  • Install UG65 in the center of the connected sensors.
  • Avoid being obscured by large metal objects.
  • Away from high current areas and areas where current changes frequently.
  • Ensure sufficient space for transmitting signals by installation in open area.

Wall mounting

Preparation: Mounting bracket, bracket fixing screws, wall plugs, wall mounting screws and other required tools.

  1. Align the mounting bracket horizontally to the desired position on the wall, use a marker pen to mark four mounting holes on the wall, and then remove the mounting bracket from the wall.
  2. Drill four holes with a depth of 32 mm by using your drill with a 6 mm drill bit on the positions you marked previously on the wall.
  3. Insert four wall plugs into the holes respectively.
  4. Mount the mounting bracket horizontally to the wall by fixing the wall mounting screws into the wall plugs.
  5. Screw the bracket fixing screws to the back panel of device, then hang the device to the mounting bracket on the wall.

Pole mounting

Preparation: Mounting bracket, bracket fixing screws, hose clamp and other required tools.

  1. Loosen the hose clamp by turning the locking mechanism counter-clockwise.
  2. Straighten out the hose clamp and slide it through the rectangular rings in the mounting bracket, wrap the hose clamp around the pole.

3. Use a screwdriver to tighten the locking mechanism by turning it clockwise.
4. Screw the bracket fixing screws to the back panel of device, then hang the device to the mounting bracket on the pole.

What to do next

After installation, you can register the gateway to Yeastar Workplace.

Last update: December 23, 2021