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Connect Room Display with Access Control Device

To enable access control for meeting rooms in Yeastar Workplace, you need to connect Yeastar Room Displays with your existing access control devices. This topic describes how to connect Yeatar Room Display and your access control device with a relay module.

Supported devices

  • Access control: DIDO relay devices

  • Room Display: Yeastar Room Display DS7310, DS7315


    Only DS7310s purchased after December 1, 2022 are supported to connect with access control devices.
    For more information, contact us.

Required materials

  • 1 x Yeastar Room Display
  • 1 x Yeastar Relay Module
  • 1 x Null line
  • 1 x Live line
  • 1 x Standard screwdriver



Before you begin, make sure that you have turned off the power supply of the Room Display and your access control devices, and do NOT power on them until the connection is fully completed.

  1. Use a null line to connect the NO terminal of the relay module with the PUSH port of the power supply control.
  2. Use a live line to connect the COM terminal of the power relay module with the GND port of the power supply control.
  3. Connect the cable of the relay module with the Serial Port of the Room Display.


You have connected the Room Display with your access control device.

What to do next

After the connection is completed, you can set up access control in Yeastar Workplace management portal.

Last update: April 11, 2023
Created: December 5, 2022