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People Counting Sensor - Technical Specifications

The People Counting Sensor, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, detects presence and monitors meeting room occupancy in real-time.

People Counting Sensor provides the following key features:

  • Constantly detects presence and transmits headcount to Yeastar Room Display and Yeastar Meeting Room Booking System via LoRaWAN® network.
  • Auto-releases rooms from ghost meetings and syncs the room status with Yeastar Meeting Room Booking System.
  • No facial recognition is involved in the detection process, and no image data is collected, reducing privacy concerns.


Model: Milesight1 VS121

Feature Specification
Detection Technology Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Range Up to 48m² with 16 mapped regions (At the height of 3m)
Detection Accuracy > 98%
Anonymous Detection No personal identifiable information is used, collected or uploaded.
Data transmition Protocol LoRaWAN® v1.0.2/v1.0.3/v1.1
Frequency CN470/IN865/RU864/EU868/US915/AU915/KR920/AS923
Tx Power 16 dBm (868 MHz)/22 dBm (915 MHz)/19 dBm (470 MHz)
Sensitivity -137 dBm @300bps
Mode OTAA/ABP Class C
Power Power Input Type-C
Power Supply 5V / 1.5A by Type-C Port
Installation Ceiling Mounting
Dimension & weight Dimension 85 × 85 × 20 mm (3.35 × 3.35 × 0.79 in)
Weight 126.9g
Environmental conditions Operating Temperature -5°C ~ +55°C
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
Relative Humidity 0 ~ 95% (Non-condensing)

  1. Yeastar officially expanded its footprint from communications to AIoT and video surveillance industries through the merger with Ursalink and Milesight in December 2020. The combination aims to create an unparalleled product portfolio and empower the next-generation smart solutions with the value of AIoT. 

Last update: May 17, 2023
Created: December 6, 2022

Author: carol