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Export Room Schedules

This topic describes how to export room schedules.

What can I learn from the export file?

The export file contains the following information to help you better understand how the meeting rooms are being used in your workplace:

  • Start and end time of each meeting.
  • Total meeting duration of each meeting.
  • Meeting room information of each meeting: Name, facility, capacity, and address.
  • Meeting organizer information of each meeting: Name, email, and group.
  • The type of each meeting: Whether it's a periodic meeting.
  • Whether this meeting is automatically released due to no check-in occurred or no one showed up.
  • Details of the meeting services booked for this meeting.


Yeastar Workplace: Pro Plan


  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace management portal, go to Meeting Room > Room Schedule.
  2. Export the room schedules as needed:

    • To export all the room schedules, click Export.
    • To export room schedules for a specific time range, do as follows:

      1. In the time filter, specify the time range.
      2. Click Export.


The room schedules are saved as an xlsx file to your computer.

Last update: April 10, 2023
Created: April 10, 2023