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Cancel User Meetings

Usually, meetings can only be cancelled by the organizer. But what if you are trying to have those ghost meetings and zombie meetings removed, only to find out the meeting organizer has left your organization. That is when you need to cancel user meetings in person.


  • Ghost meetings: Scheduled meetings that users fail to show up to.
  • Zombie meetings: Scheduled recurring meetings that often result in users not attending several times in a row.


  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace management portal.
  2. Go to Meeting room, select Room Schedule to view all meetings on your list.
  3. Click on a meeting that has not yet taken place.
  4. In the pop-up window, click Delete.

    • Regular meetings: In the pop-up window, click OK.

    • Recurring meetings: In the pop-up window, select Only This Time or All Meetings Afterward. Click OK.

This meeting has been cancelled successfully, the result will be synced to the third-party calendars and room displays. The organizer and participants of the deleted meeting will receive a notification email about the meeting cancellation.


Meetings in progress can not be cancelled, but Yeastar Workplace will automatically release ghost meeting rooms and zombie meeting rooms based on auto-release strategy.

Last update: September 21, 2022
Created: December 16, 2021

Author: Cody