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Occupancy Sensor- Technical Specifications

The Occupancy Sensor is a LoRa PIR sensor based on passive infrared technology.

Coordinating with Yeastar Workplace, it can detect whether there is a movement and send the changes via LoRaWAN® network. With compact size and built-in battery, it is easy to install everywhere.

Occupancy Sensor can be used to release the unoccupied desks to avoid desk resource waste.


Model: Milesight1 WS202

Feature Specification
Measurement PIR Detection Area: 120 ° Horizontal, 100 ° Vertical
Detection Distance: Maximum 8 m
Light Status: Bright/Dark (Determine 1-60000 lux as Bright or Dark according to custom threshold)
Software Configuration NFC
Advanced Feature LoRa D2D Controller
Wireless Transmission Technology LoRaWAN ®, LoRa D2D
Frequency CN470/IN865/RU864/EU868/US915/AU915/KR920/AS923
Tx Power 16 dBm (868 MHz)/22 dBm (915 MHz)/19 dBm (470 MHz)
Sensitivity -137 dBm @300bps
Mode OTAA/ABP Class A
Physical Characteristics Power Supply 1 × 1650 mAh ER14335 Li-SOCl2 Battery
Battery Life Around 4 years (30 min interval + 30 triggers per day)
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Relative Humidity ≤90% (non-condensing)
Ingress Protection IP30
Dimension 50 × 50 × 23.8 mm (1.97 × 1.97 × 0.94 in)
Material Anti-flaming Polycarbonate
Color White
Installation On flat surfaces with screws or 3M tapes
Approvals Regulatory CE, FCC, RoHS

  1. Yeastar officially expanded its footprint from communications to AIoT and video surveillance industries through the merger with Ursalink and Milesight in December 2020. The combination aims to create an unparalleled product portfolio and empower the next-generation smart solutions with the value of AIoT. 

Last update: May 17, 2023
Created: December 6, 2022

Author: carol