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Register A Room Display

Register your Yeastar Room Displays to the Yeastar Workplace, so that the devices can interact with the system.


  • Supported models: Yeastar Room Display DS7510, DS7310, DS7210.
  • The Room Display is powered on and connected to the Internet.
    For detailed instructions, see the following topics:

Step1. Select the server and note down the SN

  1. On the screen of the Room Display, tap Advanced Settings .

  2. Select your server based on your deployment environment, then click Save.

    • Cloud-based deployment (public cloud): Select Global Server.
    • On-Premise deployment (or private cloud): Select Custom Server and enter your domain name or the IP address of your server.
  3. Note down the SN (Serial Number).

Step2. Register the Room Display to Yeastar Workplace

  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace web portal.

  2. Click the account button in the top-right corner, and select Management Portal.

  3. Go to Device Management > Device List, click Add Device.

  4. In the pop-up window, enter the device SN and specify a name.

    If the SN is correct, the system automatically detects the device type.


    Best practice

    Specify a name that can help you identify where the device will be located, and also stick a small note on the back of the device. This is an operation that can help you manage multiple devices efficiently.

5 . Click Save.

The status indicates that the device is registered to Yeastar Workplace.

Troubleshooting: The status shows

Check the network of the room display, make sure that the devices are able to access the Internet.

What to do next

After installation and registration, you can allocate your room displays to different rooms.

For more information, see Add rooms and allocate devices.

Last update: June 29, 2022

Author: carol