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Configure Booking Preferences

Set booking rules to manage how and when users can book the meeting rooms. Configure Smart Processing Settings to automatically detect and release vacant rooms. This topic describes how to configure meeting room booking preferences.

Log in to Yeastar Workplace management portal, go to Meeting Room > Room Preferences > Basic settings. Configure the following booking preferences and click Save to apply your configurations.

Booking settings

Setting Description
Restrict Schedules in Company Working Hours Decide whether to restrict meeting room schedules to Company Working Hours.
  • Enabled: The meeting rooms can only be booked during the working hours.If there are room bookings outside of the working hours when this feature is enabled, the system will cancel those bookings and send notification emails to the organizer and participants about the cancellation.<br>The Room Displays show the status of "Unbookable" during non-working hours.
  • Disabled: The meeting rooms can be booked at any time.
Minimum Duration of a Meeting Specify the minimum duration for a meeting room that can be booked.
Maximum Duration for a Meeting Specify the maximum duration for a meeting room that can be booked.
Advance Booking Window Specify how far in advance users can book meeting rooms.
Allow Recurring Booking Decide whether users can schedule recurring meetings.

Meeting room approval

Setting Description
Request-only Rooms

Decide whether to enable meeting approval.

  • Enabled: A new booking type (Request-only Rooms) is available for meeting rooms. When a meeting room is set to Request-only Rooms, users need to submit a reservation request first and can only book this room after the request is approved.
  • Disabled: The existing approval-required meeting rooms will be changed to regular meeting rooms, and all the existing non-conflicting pending meeting room reservations will be approved and the conflicting ones will be rejected.
No Approval Required

This option is only available when Request-only Rooms is enabled.

Click the dropdown list and select which users and groups can book request-only rooms directly without approval.

Smart processing settings

Setting Description
Release the Meeting Room Upon Check-in Timeout Decide whether to release the room when no check-in occurs within a customizable time window.
Timeout Duration Click the dropdown list and select the check-in timeout duration.
Automatically End the Meeting When No One Is Detected

Decide whether to release the room when no one is detected in a room within a customizable time window by sensors.

Note: This function requires additional hardwares:  people counting sensors and LoRaWAN gateway

Duration Click the dropdown list and select the auto-release time window.

Onc-click service

Setting Description
One-click Check-in Available and Reminder Time

Specify the check-in available time and reminder time.

  • Check-in available time: Specify how far in advance users can check in to their meeting room reservations.
  • Reminder time: When it reaches the remind time, the system sends notifications to all the meeting participants to remind them the meeting is about to start.
Extend Meeting with One Click Specify the duration to be extended for a meeting room reservation.

Last update: October 31, 2022
Created: December 16, 2021

Author: Cody