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Configure Booking Preferences

Set booking rules to manage how and when users can book the meeting rooms. Configure Smart Processing Settings to automatically detect and release vacant rooms.


  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace web portal, click the account button in the top-right corner, and select Management Portal.
  2. Go to Meeting Room > Room Preferences > Basic settings.

On this page, you can configure the following booking preferences.
Click Save to apply your configurations after completing the setup.

Booking settings
Restrict Schedules in Company Working Hours If enabled, the meeting rooms can only be booked during the working hours.
If there are room bookings outside of the working hours when this feature is enabled, the system will cancel those bookings and send notification emails to the organizer and participants about the cancellation.
The Room Displays show the status of "Unbookable" during non-worling hours.

If disabled, the meeting rooms can be booked at any time.

Minimum Duration of a Meeting Limit the minimum meeting length users can book on web portal and room displays.
Maximum Duration for a Meeting (Hours) Limit the max meeting length users can book on web portal and room displays.
Allow to Book Recurring Meetings Allow or disallow users to schedule recurring meetings on web portal.
Smart Processing Settings
Release the Meeting Room Upon Check-in Timeout Whether to release the room when no check-in occurs within a customizable time window.
Timeout Duration: 5~30 minutes optional.
Automatically End the Meeting When No One Is Detected Whether to release the room when no one is detected in a room within a customizable time window by sensors.
Duration: 15~30 minutes optional.

Note: This function requires additional hardwares: people counting sensors and LoRaWAN gateway

One-click Service
One-click Check-in Available and Reminder Time Select the check-in available time(an email will be sent to the organizer to remind him to check in) and the reminder time(emails will be sent to the participants to remind them the meeting is about to start).
5 ~ 15 minutes before meeting optional.
Extend Meeting with One Click Select the length to be extended for a meeting.
15 minutes ~ 60 minutes optional.

Last update: May 7, 2022

Author: Cody