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Parameter Descriptions of Room Comfort Sensor

Parameters Description
Reporting Interval Reporting interval of transmitting current sensor values to network server. Default: 10 mins, Range: 1-1080 mins
Temperature Unit Change the temperature unit displayed on the ToolBox and screen.
Note: The temperature unit in the reporting package is fixed as °C.
Please modify the threshold settings if the unit is changed.
LED Indicator Enable or disable the traffic light indicator to indicate air quality level.
Buzzer Enable or disable the buzzer.
If enabled, the buzzer will response when one of concentrations of air pollutants exceeds the Bad threshold. It will automatically stop when the concentration values are lower than the Bad threshold.
Check Button When enabled, users can press the power button to stop the buzzer beep.
Data Storage Enable or disable data storage locally.
Screen Display Enable or disable screen display.
Screen Smart Mode Enable or disable screen smart mode.
If enabled, when PIR value is 0 (Vacant) and last for 20 mins, the screen will stop updating to save power.
Screen Display Mode Select the screen display contents.
Mode 1: Time&Date, CO2, Temperature, Humidity.
Mode 2: CO2, Temperature, Humidity, TVOC, light.
Mode 3: Time&Date, CO2, Temperature, Humidity, TVOC, light.
Color Theme Select screen display background color as White or Black.
Change Password Change the password for ToolBox App or software to read/write this device.

Last update: December 22, 2021

Author: Cody