Monitor a Parking Number on an IP Phone

This topic describes how to set up a function key on a user's phone to monitor a parking number.

Background information

For users who use directed call parking and want to monitor a specific parking number, you can set a function key for each user by auto provisioning.
Note: Users can also set function keys on their own IP phones. For more information, contact the phone manufacturer.
Tip: Agents can also press the function keys to park or retrieve a call.


  1. Assign function keys for extension users to monitor parking number.
    1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Extension and Trunk > Extension, edit the desired extension.
      • If you want to assign function keys for a specific extension user, click beside the desired extension.
      • If you want o assign function keys for multiple extensions, select the checkboxes of the desired extensions, and click Edit.
    2. Click the Function Keys tab.
    3. Configure function keys.
      Note: The number of programmable keys varies by phone models. If the number of function keys you assign to an extension exceeds the number of programmable keys, the redundant function keys cannot take effect.
      • Type: Select Park & Retrieve.
      • Value: Select a parking number.
      • Label: Optional. Enter a value, which will be displayed on the phone screen.
    4. Click Save.
  2. If the extension hasn't been associated with a phone, see the following topics to register the extension to a phone.
  3. If the extension has been associated with a phone, reprovision the phone to take effect.
    1. Go to Auto Provisioning > Phones.
    2. Click beside the phone assigned to this extension.


The function key shows the real-time status of the parking number.

  • Green: The parking number is idle.

    The user can press the function key to park an active call to the idle parking number.

  • Red: The parking number is occupied.

    The user can press the function key to retrieve a parked call from the monitored parking number.

Note: The key LED status may vary by phone models.