Call Pickup Overview

Call Pickup is a feature that allows employees to pick up colleagues' calls remotely, without having to walk to the his/her telephone. This topic describes the two pickup types including extension call pickup, group call pickup, and pickup code.

Extension call pickup

Extension call pickup, also known as directed call pickup, allows employees to pick up a call for a specific extension.

For example, the executive's phone is ringing, and the assistant knows the executive is in a meeting and is unavailable to answer the call, the assistant can pick up the executive’s call from his/her phone.

Group call pickup

Group call pickup allows extension group members to share their incoming calls. For a group of employees working on the same subject, when a member receives an incoming call and is unavailable to take the call, other members can pick up the call from their phones.
  • If the extension group has multiple ringing calls at the same time, the first ringing call will be picked up.
  • The extension group does NOT include the group that contains all the PBX extensions.

Pickup feature code

Extension users can use the pickup code to pick up a call.

The default pickup code:

  • Group Call Pickup: *4
  • Extension Pickup: *04
Tip: You can change, enable, or disable the code on PBX web portal: Call Features > Feature Code > Call Pickup.