Extension Group Overview

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition supports to add specific extensions to a group, assign user types to these extensions, and grant permissions to extension users with different user types.

What is Extension Group

Extension group is a group that contains a number of extensions with a common function or purpose. Extension group is displayed on Linkus clients, which allows users to easily find a colleague within a group, and makes it possible for authorized users to control calls of members within a specific group on Linkus Web Client.

User types in an extension group

A user type is a permission set, which allows you to control users' access to and usage of Operator Panel. Yeastar P-Series Software Edition provides 3 user types. You can grant permissions to each user type and assign user types to group members.

Default user types
  • Manager: Assign the user type to a leader, so that he or she can manage members' calls.
  • User: Assign the user type to ordinary members. Any time you add members to a group, they are assigned with the user type by default.
The following table displays default permissions for Manager and User, you can change the permissions according to your needs. For more information, see View or change permissions for managers and users.
Module Permission Manager


Operator Panel Switch group members' presence ×
Call distribution management (Redirect, Transfer, Drag and Drop operation) ×
Pick up or hang up other extensions' calls ×
Call monitoring operations (Listen, Whisper, Barge-in) ×
Call parking operations (Park, Retrieve) ×
Route calls directly from IVR regardless of the IVR menu ×
Switch Business Hours and Holidays status × ×
Switch extension's recording status × ×
Custom user type
Custom: If you want to grant permissions to a specific member, you can assign the user type to a desired member, and customize permissions.

For more information, see View or change permissions for a member with custom user type.

Default extension group

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition has a built-in group Default_All_Extensions that contains all the extensions on the PBX. Any time you create an extension, the extension will be automatically added to the extension group. You can delete the group, or create one or more groups according to your needs.

For more information, see Create an Extension Group.