Voicemail Overview

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition integrates a free voicemail system. This topic describes the voicemail types, voicemail usages, voicemail personalization, and the adjustable voicemail capacity and limitations.

Voicemail types

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition provides two types of voicemail:
  • Extension Voicemail: Voicemail for individual extension.
  • Group Voicemail: Group Voicemail is a feature for a team to share the workload of reading and responding to voicemail messages.

    Group Voicemail is useful if your company is organized into departments. For example, after setting up a group voicemail for Support team, a customer can deliver voicemail messages to the Support team, then any team members can access the group voicemail box to check the customer's voicemail.

Voicemail usages

A flexible call route system for forwarding calls to voicemail:

Voicemail personalization

Various options are available for personalizing voicemail:

  • Voicemail greeting: Custom greeting is available for global or a specific extension. The extension users can also customize their greetings based on presence.

    For more information, see Voicemail Greeting Overview.

  • Voicemail notification: Various ways to get notified of new voicemail messages, including on IP phones, emails, or Linkus clients.

    For more information, see Voicemail Notification Overview.

Voicemail capacity and limitations

The default and adjustable capacity and limitations for each voicemail box are as follows:
  • Message length: 1 to 15 minutes.

    The default minimum duration of a message is 2 seconds; the default maximum duration of a message is 10 minutes.

    To change the message length, see Limit Voicemail Message Length.

  • Mailbox capacity: 1 to 500.

    The default max number of voicemail is 100.

    To change mailbox capacity, see Auto Cleanup Voicemail Messages.

  • Storage time: Unlimited.

    The default is 0, which means no limit.

    To change the storage time, see Auto Cleanup Voicemail Messages.