Voicemail Notification Overview

Extension users can get an instant notification when receiving a new voicemail message. This topic describes various ways to get notified of new voicemail messages.

Notification on IP phones

There are two methods that you can use to monitor voicemail status on an IP phone.

Monitor voicemail status by function keys
You can use a function key to monitor changes of voicemail status, including monitor your voicemails, other users' voicemails, or group voicemails. It is useful when sharing a single voicemail in a team. The team members can monitor and access the voicemail in time. Once someone reads or deletes the message, no one else should have to deal with it.

For more information, see Monitor Voicemail Status on an IP Phone.

Monitor voicemail status by MWI
Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) is a commonly supported phone feature that alerts you when receiving a new voicemail message. MWI typically involves a flashing light and optional audio alert. This can differ from device to device.

Notification by email

You can set up email notification for extension users. When receiving a voicemail message, users can get alert timely, read the message at a glance to see the caller and when the message is left, and listen to voicemails. This improves work efficiency.
  • For employees who do not use the phone frequently, they don't need to pay attention to keep checking voicemail on the phone at all time.
  • For employees who travel frequently, they can process voice messages in real time and respond to customers promptly.

For more information, see Set up Email Notifications for Voicemail.