Call Transfer Overview

Call transfer is an in-call feature that allows the users to transfer current calls from their phones to another phone number or extension. This topic describes the call transfer types, and call transfer options.

Call transfer types

There are two scenarios to transfer a call:

  • Attended Transfer: An attended transfer, also called consult transfer or warm transfer, allows the transferor to consult with the transfer recipient before transferring a call, such as the assistant can confirm with the executive whether he is free to answer the call before transferring the call.
  • Blind Transfer: A blind transfer, also called cold transfer, allows the transferor to transfer a call to transfer recipient immediately without consultative communication, such as transfer a call to ring group.

Call transfer options

The following options are available for you to set up call transfer:

  • Feature code: Extension users can use the call transfer code to transfer a call.

    The default call transfer code:

    • Attended Transfer: *3
    • Blind Transfer: *03
  • Digit Timeout(s): The timeout for transferor to enter the transfer recipient's number after dialing the feature code. The time interval between each digit should be within the digit timeout.
  • Attended Transfer Timeout(s): The ring timeout for transfer recipient to take the transferring call.

    If the transfer recipient does not answer the transferring call within the timeout, the system sends the call back to transferor.

  • Rebound Missed Transferred Calls (Applicable to Both blind/Semi-attended Transfer): If enabled, when an extension user performs a blind transfer/semi-attended transfer and the transfer recipient doesn't answer, the system sends the call back to the extension user.