Yeastar P-Series Software Edition Installation Guide

This guide provides step-by-step procedures for installing Yeastar P-Series Software Edition on cloud-based servers, virtual machines, on-premise servers, as well as activating and initially setting up PBX system.

Check server requirements

Get to know which platforms are supported to install Yeastar P-Series Software Edition, and check the server requirements before you start the installation.

For more information, see System and Server Requirements.

Get PBX license

Yeastar partner
Apply a 30-day trial license on Yeastar Partner Portal to get a license code.
Non-Yeastar partner
Apply a 30-day trial license on this page to get a license code.

Download and install PBX ISO

Download PBX ISO image
Download Auto-install ISO image or Manual-install ISO image depending on whether you want to manually partition the hard disk.
Note: For P-Series Software Edition deployment on supported cloud platforms, you can search for image and install the PBX directly from the cloud platform, so you don't need to download the ISO image here.
Install PBX on your server
Yeastar has tested to install P-Series Software Edition on the following platforms, click the icons below for detailed instructions on installing the PBX.

Activate and initially set up the PBX

The installed PBX is not ready for use. To activate the PBX, see Activate and Initially Set up Yeastar P-Series Software Edition.