Install Yeastar P-Series Software Edition from AWS Marketplace

You can install Yeastar P-Series Software Edition on your AWS server directly from AWS Marketplace, enabling quick deployment of Yeastar PBX without manual configuration of the deployment environment. This topic describes how to deploy Yeastar P-Series Software Edition on an AWS instance via AWS Marketplace.


  1. Log in to AWS Marketplace and access 'Yeastar P-Series Phone System' on AWS Marketplace.
  2. Click Continue to Subscribe.

  3. Click Continue to Configuration on the top-right corner.

    You will be redirected to the instance deployment page.

  4. Create an AWS instance for installing Yeastar P-Series Software Edition.

    1. In the Region drop-down list, select a region closest to you.
    2. Click Continue to Launch on the top-right corner.
  5. In the Launch this software page, configure the following settings for this instance.
    • Choose Action: Retain the default value of Launch from Website.
    • EC2 Instance Type: Choose the instance type based on the Extensions (EXT) and Concurrent Calls (CC) of your PBX system.
      1-20 EXT

      (1-5 CC)

      21-50 EXT

      (6-13 CC)

      51-250 EXT

      (14-63 CC)

      251-500 EXT

      (64-125 CC)

      501-1000 EXT

      (126-250 CC)

      EXT > 1000

      (CC > 250)

      Recommended Instance Type t3.small t3.medium c5a.xlarge c5a.2xlarge c5.2xlarge Contact Yeastar
    • VPC Settings: Select an existing VPC to deploy this instance or create a new one.
    • Subnet Settings: Select an existing subnet to deploy this instance or create a new one.
    • Security Group Settings: Create a new security group to allow bidirectional traffic flow for the instance.

      1. Click Create New Based On Seller Settings.
      2. Configure the security group settings.
      3. Click Save.
    • Key Pair Settings: Select an existing SSH key pair or create a new one.
  6. Click Launch to create the instance.

  7. Click EC2 Console to view the created instance.


You are redirected to the instance list. The instance state shows Running, indicating that the instance is successfully created with Yeastar P-Series Software Edition installed.

What to do next

  • Access the PBX web portal by entering the public IP address of Yeastar P-Series Software Edition in a web browser.
    • You can click the instance ID and then obtain the PBX's public IP address on Public IPv4 address of AWS.

    • Do NOT click open address next to the IP address, as it will fail to access the PBX web portal.
  • To make Yeastar P-Series Software Edition ready for use, you need to Activate and Initially Set up Yeastar P-Series Software Edition.