Extension Overview

An extension is a short internal number. Extensions allow users to make and receive calls. You can assign extensions to every employee in your organization.

Extension types

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition supports SIP extension, which is based on SIP protocol.

To use a SIP extension to make or receive calls, you need to register the extension on an IP phone or a softphone.

Online status

Online status allows you to view status of phone endpoints and Linkus clients.
  • Phone endpoints
    • indicates that the SIP extension is registered and ready for use.

      Hover your mouse over to view the IP addresses of SIP phones where the extension is registered.

  • Linkus clients
    • indicates that Linkus Desktop Client is ready for use.
    • indicates that Linkus Mobile Client is ready for use.
    • indicates that Linkus Web Client is ready for use.