Directed Call Parking

This topic describes how to park a call on a specific parking number, and retrieve the parked call.

Background information

For sales or support, it probably doesn’t matter exactly who picks up the call. You can allocate different parking numbers to different departments. For example, 6099 for sales, 6098 for support, and so on. The receptionist can park the call directly on the parking number based on business. Anyone in the department can retrieve the call by the parking number.
Note: Assume that the range of parking number is from 6000 to 6099. The randomly call parking occupies parking number from 6000. To avoid that the allocated parking number is occupied by randomly call parking, we recommend that you allocate the parking number backwards from 6099.


Make sure that the parking number is vacant. If the specified parking number is occupied, the system parks the call to the next available parking number.

Tip: Set up a function key for users to monitor the status of parking number.
  • For receptionist, he/she can press the function key to park the call to the parking number.
  • For users in different departments, a parked call is visible on the function key, so that they can press the function key to retrieve the parked call easily.


Parking number 6099 is assigned to salesmen. The receptionist receives a call, and the customer wants to consult business information.

  1. The receptionist dials *056099 to park the call to parking number 6099.
  2. The receptionist tells the sales there is a parked call for business.

    If function keys are configured on the sales' IP phones, they will be notified.

  3. The sales who is available can dial 6099 or press the function key to retrieve the call.
Tip: The default feature code for directed call park is *05. You can change, enable, or disable the code on PBX web portal: Call Features > Feature Code > Call Parking > Directed Call Parking.