Join SD-WAN Network on Redundancy Server

In a cross-region disaster recovery scenario, a Redundancy Server can join the SD-WAN network created by the Working Server. With disaster recovery in place, the Redundancy Server can replicate telephony data from Working Server and take over telephony services if the Working Server goes down.

Requirements and restrictions

Both servers in a disaster recovery pair must meet the following requirements:
Item Requirement
Product Model Yeastar P-Series Software Edition
Plan Ultimate Plan
Version Same firmware version and must be or later.
  • LAN port as the default Ethernet interface and a static IP address is required.
  • Accessible to Yeastar SD-WAN node (
External Storage Identical storage device settings and mounting points.
Item Quantity
Max. SD-WAN network that can create or join (per PBX) 1


You have received the networking code generated by the Working Server.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to System > SD-WAN PBX Networking.
  2. Join an SD-WAN network.

    1. Click Join Network.
    2. In the Networking Code field, enter the networking code.
    3. Click Confirm.


  • The Redundancy Server has joined and connected to the SD-WAN network, with the Type displayed as Disaster Recovery Redundancy.
  • The Redundancy Server has been assigned a network IP through which it can communicate with the Working Server over the SD-WAN network.
    • By default, the network IP is hidden on the list. You can click at the top-right corner to set the Network IP column to display.

    • The network IP of the Working Server is also displayed, you can ping the IP address to test connectivity. For more information, see Test Network Connectivity between Two Servers in SD-WAN Network.

  • The specified contacts of both servers will receive a SD-WAN Network Joined Successfully event notification.