Set up Group Voicemail for a Ring Group

You can set up a Group Voicemail for a ring group. All members of the ring group will get notified when a group voicemail message is received.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Call Features > Voicemail > Group Voicemail.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Under General tab, complete the general settings:
    1. In the Basic section, configure the following settings:
      Setting Description
      Type Select Ring Group.
      Ring Group Select a ring group.
      Number The group voicemail number is the ring group number, and is not editable.
      Name The group voicemail name is the ring group name, and is not editable.
      Mode Select the mode to handle received voicemail messages.
      • Shared by Members: The voicemail messages are saved in the group mailbox, and are shared by all members. Any members can manage the group voicemail messages.
      • Broadcast to Members: The voicemail messages are not stored in the group mailbox. Instead, the system broadcasts (copies and forwards) the voicemail messages to the individual mailboxes of all the members.
      Voicemail PIN Authentication Enable or disable voicemail PIN authentication.
      Voicemail Access PIN If enable voicemail PIN authentication, enter a desired access PIN number.
      Play Date and Time Optional. Play the date and time that the message was received before a voicemail message is played.
      Play Caller ID Optional. Play the caller ID information before a voicemail message is played.
      Play Message Duration Optional. Play the duration of the message before a voicemail message is played.
    2. In the Members section, all the members of the ring group are selected, and the members are not editable.
      Note: If the ring group members are changed, the members of the group's voice mailboxes also change.
    3. In the Group Voicemail Greeting section, select a voicemail greeting.

      You can also click Greeting Management to customize a greeting or mange your custom greetings.

  4. Under Voicemail Announcement tab, set up call alerts for new voicemail messages in the group voicemail.
    Note: This feature is only supported on the group voicemail with the Mode set to Shared by Members.
  5. Click Save and Apply.