Organization Overview

Organizational structure is the group of rules, roles, relationships, and responsibilities that outline how your company's activities are directed to meet its goals. Yeastar P-Series PBX System provides Organization feature to help you organize employees by department based on their specific skills and corresponding function in the company, and enjoy easier administration with department-level control.

Organization vs Extension Group

Yeastar provides Organization feature and Extension Group feature to help you categorize and manage extensions.

The following contents compare the advantages and differences between the two features.

Organization feature is used to define a hierarchy within a company, ideal for large companies with many departments and for those companies that attach more importance to separation of duties.
Organization feature helps you achieve the followings:
  • Multi-layer departments, displayed in hierarchical tree structure.
  • Flexible adjustments for departments, adapting to a changing business environment.
  • Clear-cut reporting structure, clarifying the reporting relationships across the company and every individual's role and responsibilities.
Extension Group
Extension Group feature is used to categorize extensions with common function or purpose into the same group, ideal for companies that attach more importance to call management.
Extension Group feature helps you achieve the followings:
  • Same-layer groups, displayed in strict alphabetical order.
  • Group permission presets, realizing granular control over users' call permission.
    • Preset permission on a per group basis: Preset different permissions for groups with different calling needs.
    • Preset permission on a per user role basis: Split users into Manager/User/Custom roles and implement role-based permission assignment.
For more information about extension group, see Extension Group Overview.

We provide the following figures to visualize the difference between Organization and Extension Group in display:

Organization application

After you enable Organization feature and set up departments, the followings can be achieved:

  • On Linkus clients, extension users can search for and find colleagues by departments.
    Note: Make sure Linkus clients meet the following version requirements:
    • Linkus iOS version: 4.8.5 or later.
    • Linkus Android version: 4.8.6 or later.
    • Linkus Web Client: or later.
  • On PBX web portal, you can implement department-based control over users' permission:
    • Control the visibility to specific extensions or company contacts.
    • Control the access to all the call features and Call Center Console.
      Note: The access to Operator Panel is under the control of Extension Group, be the Organization feature enabled or not.