Call Accounting Overview

The Call Accounting feature collects and records telecom usage, as well as estimating the expenses incurred based on the destination number and call duration, allowing you to get an eagle-eye overview of the telephone activity and cost of all employees.


Enterprise Plan or Ultimate Plan is subscribed.


In customer service businesses, many employees need to call potential customers via National Direct Dialing (NDD) or International Direct Dialing (IDD). Leaving such outbound calls unattended makes the way for telecommunication misuse, and eventually causes financial losses. These companies need a management tool to track telephone activity of employees, so as to keep telecom usage and expenses in control.


Collect and record call statistics
Monitor, record, and track individual and department calls. Based on the historical and real-time call logs, you can measure and analyze employees' performance and identify telephone misuse and abuse.
Flexible call rate settings
Apply different call rate rules to local calls, long distance calls, and international calls. In this way, you can monitor the billing statistics for each type of call, and estimate call charges before telecommunications provider sends the bill.
Insightful call accounting reports
Get dedicated call accounting reports based on individuals or departments. Detailed information about the total number of calls, total call duration, average call duration, and total billing gives you deeper insights into the calling patterns and activity of employees.
Improve telecom budget planning
Tracking and analyzing telecom usage by individuals or departments help you manage and control telecommunication expenses, making the budgeting more accurate and efficient.

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