Contacts Overview

Yeastar Contacts feature allows users to store external contacts outside of your company on PBX, access and call those contacts on endpoints (IP phone and Linkus clients) where their extensions have registered. This topic describes terminologies, requirements, key features, and limits of Yeastar Contacts feature.


Before using Yeastar Contacts feature, familiarize yourself with the following terminologies:
Personal Contacts
Personal Contacts is exclusive to each extension user, which allows users to store a number of personal contacts, such as direct customers.
Note: Each user's Personal Contacts is only visible to himself or herself.
Company Contacts
Company Contacts is shared among authorized users, which allows authorized users to store a number of company shared contacts, such as company's customers, resellers, and partners.
Phonebooks is a value-added service for Company Contacts, which allows authorized users to group company contacts into phonebooks, and implement robust control over access to each phonebook.

Key features

Table 1.
Contacts Feature Basic Plan Enterprise Plan / Ultimate Plan
Group company contacts into phonebooks ×
Sync contacts from integrated CRMs ×
Sync contacts on Linkus clients
Sync contacts on IP phones
Identify incoming calls
Route inbound calls by matched contacts ×


Table 2.
Type P550 P560 P570
Company contacts (total) 50,000 200,000 500,000
Company phonebooks 100 200 500
Personal contacts (per extension) 100 200 300