Manage Operator Panel

This topic describes instructions on setting up Operator Panel for extension user.

What is Operator Panel

Operator Panel is a web-based utility integrated with the Yeastar Linkus Web Client. It is designed for employee who needs to manage and transfer a large number of calls, such as receptionist or agent manager.

For more information of managing calls on Operator Panel, see Operator Panel User Guide.

User types and permissions

There are three user types available for you to assign to an extension group member: manager, user, and custom. What they can do on Operator Panel depends on the following permission.

The following table displays the permissions available to extension group members of different user types.

Note: By default, an extension group manager has all permissions to manage calls on Operator Panel, while the extension group users have no permission to access and use the Operator Panel.
Permission Extension Group


Extension Group

Custom role of Extension Group
Switch group members' presence
Call distribution management (Redirect, Transfer, Drag and Drop operation)
Pick up or hang up other extensions' calls
Call monitoring operations (Listen, Whisper, Barge-in)
Call parking operations (Park, Retrieve)
Route calls directly from IVR regardless of the IVR menu
Switch Business Hours and Holidays status ×
Switch extensions' recording status ×