Voicemail Greeting Overview

Voicemail greeting is a short message that is played before a caller records a message. Via the greeting, you can inform the callers your information, like when you will be available, other methods to contact you, or other options that the caller can use to receive assistance.

Greeting types

There are two types of voicemail greetings that you can set up for extension voicemail and group voicemail:

  • System Global Greeting: A greeting that is applied to extension voicemail or group voicemail by default.
  • Custom Greeting: A greeting that is personalized.

Personal greeting based on presence

For extension voicemail, extension users can choose how to play greetings in different presence:

  • Default greeting: Play a greeting for any presence that doesn't have a personal greeting.
  • Presence greetings: Play a personal greeting for each presence (available, away, do not disturb, lunch break, business trip, and off work).

    For example, an extension user has different greetings for Lunch Break status and Away status.

    • Lunch Break: "I’m currently on a lunch and unable to take your call".
    • Away: "I’m currently away from my desk".