Call Queue Overview

Call queue is a method of handling large calls and provides callers with engaging holding experiences. This topic describes what is call queue, queue compositions, queue preference, and call center service.

What is call queue

A queue is like a virtual waiting room, in which callers wait in line to talk with the available agent. When the customer calls in PBX and reaches the queue, he/she can hear the hold music and announcement while the queue distributing the call to the available agents.

What is Call Center service

Call Center service is an additional service that drives faster call resolution and real-time call center monitoring, reporting, and management. It provides a powerful call center console, including a customizable Wallboard for proactive tracking of 16 key performance metrics, and a switchboard-type Queue Panel for real-time monitoring & control of queue activities, insightful call center reports, SLA and more.

Configuration guide

For more detailed information and configurations of call queue and Yeastar Call Center, see Call Center Administrator Guide.