Speed Dial Overview

Speed dial is often the easiest way to quickly connect with people and extensions that you dial frequently. This topic describes what is speed dial, and how to use speed dial.

What is speed dial

Speed dial is a feature that allows you to assign a speed dial code to a number that the users frequently dial. When dialing long strings of overseas numbers, the users do not have to remember or enter long telephone numbers on their phones.

How to use speed dial

You can create speed dial with a Prefix in front of the Speed Dial Number to avoid interference with your extensions.

  • Speed Dial Number: The shorter number you assign to the phone number.
  • Prefix: The code to access the speed dial feature. The default prefix is *89.

The users can dial {prefix}+{speed_dial_number} to call an assigned phone number. For example, assign 1 to phone number 5503302, dial *891 to place a call to 5503302.