Create an On-Demand Backup

This topic describes how to manually back up PBX configurations.


Before backing up configuration data, you need to decide the followings:
  • Where - Whether to save the backup file to local drive, hard disk driveor network drive. If you want to save the file to hard disk driveor network drive, you need to set up a hard disk drive or add a network drive on the system first. For more information, see the following topics:
  • What - Whether to back up custom prompts, CDR, or company contacts and phonebooks settings.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Maintenance > Backup and Restore, click Backup.
  2. Configure backup settings.
    • File Name: Retain the default name or enter a name to help you identify it.
    • Comments: Add a note to the backup file.
    • Storage Location: Select a location to save the backup file.
      Note: To prevent backup failure in case of disconnection to hard disk driveor network drive, we recommend that you save the backup file on the local flash (LOCAL).
    • The backup file will include: Select the items that will be backed up.
      • System Configuration: All the configurations on the system.
      • Custom Prompts
      • CDR
      • Company Contacts and Phonebooks Settings
      • Chat Data for External Chat
  3. Click Save.


The created backup file is displayed in Backup and Restore list and is stored in the selected location.