Reset the System on Web Interface

This topic describes how to reset Yeastar P-Series Software Edition on web interface.


  • Make sure there aren't ongoing calls, or the calls would be disconnected.
  • We recommend that you create a backup file for PBX configurations.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Maintenance > Reset.
  2. Set which configurations and data that you want to clear.
    • Reset All: Clear all the configurations and data on the PBX.
    • Reset Network Settings: Reset the PBX's IP address to, and clear the configurations in Network > Basic Settings and Network > Public IP and Ports.
      Important: For PBX system installed on a cloud-based server, do NOT reset networking settings, or you can NOT access the PBX management portal.
    • Reset CDR: Clear all call logs.
    • Reset Backup Files: Clear backup files.
    • Reset Prompts: Clear custom prompts.
      Note: Whether the option is enabled or not, system prompts, music on hod, and preference settings for all the prompts would be cleared.
    • Reset Company Contacts: Clear company contacts, phonebooks, and Caller ID match settings.
    • Reset Other System Configurations: Reset all the logs and configurations except network, CDR, backup files, prompts, and contacts.
  3. Click Factory Reset.
  4. In the pop-up dialog box, verify your operation and click Yes.


It takes several minutes to reset the PBX. After resetting, you are redirected to the Installation Wizard page.

What to do next

Follow the Installation Wizard to set up the PBX.