System Logs Overview

This topic describes what are system logs, which level's logs are recorded, and introduces the storage and auto cleanup of system logs.

What are system logs

System logs are log files that contain information about system activities, which helps you troubleshoot and debug the system. The daily-generated system logs are displayed on System Logs, you can view and download logs on PBX web portal.

Log levels

Yeastar P-Series Software Edition provides multiple log levels, each of them records different information. The supported log levels are as follows:

  • Information: Basic information.
  • Notice: Notice information.
  • Warning: Warning information.
  • Error: Error information.
  • DTMF: DTMF information.
  • Time Log: Add time stamp of system logs.
  • Debug: Debug information.
    • Enable SIP Debug
    • Enable RTP Debug

Storage of system logs

System logs are saved in local storage, you can NOT change the storage location.

Auto cleanup of system logs

By default, the system automatically deletes the oldest system logs every 7 days, or when logs reach 10MB. You can change the maximum file size or days that logs can be retained. For more information, see Auto Cleanup Settings.