Restrict Users from Viewing Recording Files

By default, all the users have access to viewing their own recording files. For security reasons, you can restrict specific users from view recording files.


Server / Client Version Requirement
PBX Server Version or later
Linkus Mobile Client
  • Linkus iOS Client: Version 5.2.9 or later
  • Linkus Android Client: Version 4.13.16 or later
Linkus Desktop Client
  • Windows Desktop: Version 1.2.14 or later
  • Mac Desktop: Version 1.2.10 or later


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Extension and Trunk > Client Permission > Menu Visibility.
  2. Click Add rule to create a menu visibility rule.
  3. Set up the rule, then click Save.

    • Extension/Extension Group/Organization: Click to select desired extensions, extension groups, or departments, for which you want to restrict the viewing permission of recordings.
    • Permission Type: Select Disallow use.
    • Menu: Select Recordings.


The extension user can not view recording files on his or her Linkus UC Clients.