Release Date: May 24, 2021

Improvements and bug fixes

Added support for monitoring DND status by a BLF key.

After configuring a BLF key to monitor an extension, if the extension user enables or disables DND by dialing feature code, the BLF LED will display the DND status.

  • When DND is enabled, the BLF LED is red.
  • When DND is disabled, the BLF LED is green.
Note: The BLF LED will not be changed if users change DND status on web page, on Linkus clients, or via API interface.
For more information, see Monitor Extension DND Status by BLF Keys.
Distinctive Ring Tone
Added support for displaying the caller ID and caller name of the original caller.
Notification of Emergency Calls
Optimized the caller ID of notification calls: The caller ID of the notification call is optimized as {callerid-name} {callerid-number} dial {emergency-number}.

Example: The caller ID name of extension 1000 is Alice, after the extension 1000 dials emergency call 911, the caller ID of notification call is displayed as Alice 1000 dial 911.

For more information, see Emergency Notifications.
Dial by Name
Added support for selecting which extensions could be called by the feature Dial by Name.
For more information, see Dial by Name.
Added support for extension users to check their own greetings via the voice message menu (dial feature code *2).
For more information, see Voicemail Menu.
Added support for editing and deleting default firewall rules.
  • Added RTP keep-alive feature for SIP trunk (SIP trunk Advanced setting).

    Whether to send an RTP Comfort Noise (CN) frame. The CN is useful for situations where the PBX is behind a NAT or firewall and must keep a hole open in order to allow for media to arrive at the PBX.

    Note: If RTP keep-alive is enabled, the PBX sends RTP Comfort Noise (CN) frames every 10 seconds.
  • Fixed the SIP trunk issue: If you placed a call to an external IVR system through a SIP trunk, then pressed a key following by the IVR prompt, the call would be automatically disconnected.
  • Optimized SIP NOTIFY packet: After an extension becomes unregistered, the PBX will send NOTIFY packets to notify the phone where the extension is registered. The NOTIFY packets contain different status for phones of different manufacturers:
    • Yealink: offline
    • Fanvil: failed
    • Grandstream: offline
    • Snom: terminated
    • Htek: offline
    • Others: terminated
  • Fixed iLBC codec issue: If a call was communicated by G726 codec and iLBC codec, the call would be disconnected automatically.
One Touch Recording
Added support for deleting recording files from Linkus clients.
Note: In the earlier version, the recording files remain in PBX system even you delete them from Linkus clients.
Auto Recording
Fixed the issue that Auto Recording feature might not take effect.
Hot Desking
Fixed the issue of Check in and Check out: If an IP phone didn't use G729, iLBC, or GSM codec, users could not check in and check out by the IP phone.
Music on Hold
Fixed the Streaming Music issue: The streaming music could not be played properly if the Stream Music URL used HTTPS protocol.
Extension Presence
Fixed the Ring Strategy issue: When external users called in an extension and reached the endpoints that were selected in Ring Secondly strategy, the external users could not hear ringback tone.
Fixed Fax to Email issue: After converting faxes to PDF files and sending the PDF files to email addresses, the PBX didn't delete the PDF files.
Optimized Allowed Country Codes setting: The International Dialing Code is a mandatory setting after you select the checkbox of Enable Allowed Country/Region Code Dialing Protection.
Time Condition
Fixed Time Condition issue: The system assigned the same feature code of [Other Time] condition for all inbound routes.
Web Interface
Fixed translation errors on Russian web page.
  • Added the following interfaces to control call parking calls:
    • Query call parking status: callpark_status
    • Park a call: call/callpark
      Note: To retrieve a parked call, use the interface call/dial.
  • Added the following interfaces to control calls via User Agent Computer Supported Telecommunications Application (uaCSTA):
    • Hang up calls: uacstacall/hangup
    • Refuse a call: uacstacall/refuse_inbound
    • Answer a call: uacstacall/accept_inbound
  • Added support for uaCSTA call events.
  • Added the following interfaces to configure extension groups:
    • Query extension group settings: extensiongroup/query
    • Delete extension groups: extensiongroup/delete
    • Edit extension groups: extensiongroup/update
    • Add an extension group: extensiongroup/add
  • Fixed the issue of Company Contacts: The maximum number of company contacts was incorrect.
    Note: Check the maximum number of company contacts in the following table:
    S50 S100 S300
    2000 5000 5000
App Center
The App download timeout period is extended from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.
Auto Provisioning
Fixed the issue of phone web page access: After you accessed the PBX via Remote Management portal, and clicked a phone IP address via Auto Provisioning page, you would fail to access the phone if the phone was configured to redirect HTTP protocol to HTTPS protocol.
Fix the compatibility issue of Billing and Call Forwarding: After Billing feature was enabled, the PBX could not forward an inbound call to an external number.
Linkus Server
Optimize the user experience of the Linkus Cloud Service.