Released Date: May 23, 2017

Upgrade Notes

In this new firmware version, we enhanced the IPPBX security. This security update has many features that will make your Yeastar S-Series IPPBX more secure and protect it from attacks. We recommend you update the firmware as soon as possible.

New Feature

  • Added schedule reboot feature (Maintenance > Reboot).


  • Optimized outbound route security: the administrator can limit how many outbound calls the extension users can make during a specific time (Settings > PBX > Call Control > Outbound Restriction).
  • Optimized network setting: LAN port supports up to 2 IP addresses.
  • Optimized firewall feature: users can add firewall rules using domain names.
  • Optimized IP Auto Defense feature: users can add a rule for a port range.
  • Optimized Local SIP Port: the system has a default IP auto defense rule for the local SIP ports.
  • Optimized extension registration security: only the registered extension can dial out, direct IP call is forbidden.
  • Optimized extension registration security: added support for user agent registration authorization (Settings > General > SIP > Advanced > SIP > User Agent Registration Authorization). Fill in user agent prefixes in the User Agent Registration Authorization field, only the matched user agent can register extension to the IPPBX.
  • Optimized extension/trunk registration security: the system will not reply OPTIONS packets from unknown extensions or trunks.
  • Optimized Forgot Password feature: users need to provide correct extension number and extension email address to retrieve password.
  • Optimized extension User Password setting: the User Password can only be changed to a mixture of uppercase, lowercase and numbers.
  • Optimized Logs feature: users can download operation logs and event logs.
  • Optimized Logs Auto Cleanup feature: users can set the max size of total logs stored in the system.
  • Optimized CDR feature: users can choose to show “Caller IP Address” in the CDR logs.
  • Optimized System Logs: extension registration failed information will be recorded in system logs.
  • Optimized QueueMetrics Live Integration App: the recording files name will contain QueueMetrics UniqueID.

Fixed Bug

  • Fixed Operation Logs issue: if users edited extensions in bulk, the operation logs would not contain what settings the users had edited.
  • Fixed Queue: the call duration time was incorrect.
  • Fixed Queue: “Ring in Use” was disabled, and the queue strategy wasn’t “Ring All”, but the agent who was in a call still could receive a new call.
  • Fixed the Ring Group: if there were more than 50 members in the group, and the ring strategy was “Ring All”, the system would not ring all the members if a call reached the ring group.