Released Date: January 13, 2017

New Feature

  • Added support for French, Italian Web interface.
  • Updated Turkish Web interface.

Fixed Bug

  • Fixed Backup and Restore issue: if CDR was stored in hard disk, USB, or TF/SD card, the backup file could not be restored normally.
  • Fixed Backup and Restore issue: restored a S300 backup file to a S300 device, the network settings could not be restored.
  • Fixed the Storage File Share issue: enabled File Share feature and stored a backup file to hard disk, USB, or TF/SD card, the backup file could not be shared.
  • Fixed importing and exporting extensions issue: exported extensions and deleted extensions on the PBX, then imported the extensions, only one extension would be imported.
  • Fixed Inbound Route issue: chose the Fax Destination to an extension, then deleted the extension, the Fax Destination would display an “h”.
  • Fixed Time Condition issue: any extension user could reset the time condition.
  • Fixed Time Condition issue: if Time Condition Override was disabled, only the first inbound route could work.
  • Fixed CDR issue: the extensions users who have privilege to download other user’s CDR might be unable to check or download the relevant call logs.
  • Fixed the Call Transfer issue: if a user pressed the Transfer key on IP phone to transfer a call, and the other party didn’t answer the call, he/she would receive a “Recall” call.
  • Fixed Extension Status issue: an extension number was registered on multiple IP phones, and the extension status would display only one IP address.
  • Fixed Allowlist/Blocklist issue: an allowlist/blocklist could not be imported to PBX if the numbers contain letters.