Released Date: March 20, 2018

New Feature

  • Supported 30 Extension Groups.
  • Supported more 4G modules.
    PBX Model 4G Module (For Audio Calls) 4G Module (For Cellular Data)
    S412 Max. 2 Max. 1
    S20 Max. 1 Max. 1
    S50 Max. 4 Max. 1
    S100 Max. 6 Max. 1
    S300 Max. 6 Max. 1
  • Added support for QueueMetrics On-Premise.


  • Improved the PBX security.
  • Improved the performance and stability of the PBX.
  • Improved the security of the extension “User Password”.
  • API interface:
    • Added support for querying the status of dynamic agents.
    • Dynamic agents can log in or log out the queue.
    • Fixed the some API reports didn’t conform to json format.

      To solve this problem, add "version":"1.0.2" in the Login request.

    • Fixed the issue that the PBX would go down if a user called an outbound number that contained letters.
    • Fixed the issue that the third part software could not get information immediately when a call reached the queue.
    • Fixed CDR issue: the CDR was incorrect if an outbound call was automatically answered.
  • SIP trunk:
    • Administrator can set the value of Diversion.
    • Added P Asserted Identify setting.
    • Added Remote Party ID setting.
    • Added Inband Progress setting.
    • Added DID setting.
    • Administrator can set whether to add “user=phone” in the SIP INVITE packet.
  • Increased the range of Extension Users to 0~59999.
  • Recording function:
    • Extension users can dial feature code to pause or resume recordings during a call.
    • Added support for monitoring the recording status of an extension on a BLF key.
  • Optimized Hangup Detection on PSTN trunk: supported Chinese Standard Busy Pattern and Frequency.
  • Optimized BRI trunk: supported 8 DNIS.
  • Optimized Bulk Editing function of extensions: bulk editing User Agent Registration Authorizations will not affect NAT and Register Remotely settings.
  • Optimized GSM and 3G trunks: supported manually setting the Carrier.
  • Added SIP advanced settings:
    • Early Media
    • Maxptime
  • Optimized Time Condition: extension users can dial feature code to switch the inbound route destination to “Other Time” destination.
  • Optimized Queue function: by default, the PBX would not ring the agent who is busy in a call.
  • Optimized CDR: supported displaying DID numbers in CDR.
  • Optimized Voicemail prompts.
  • Optimized Recording prompts.
  • Optimized Firewall: support importing and exporting firewall rules.
  • Optimized IP Auto Defense: display the block type of a blocked IP.
  • Event Center:
    • Optimized the fault detection on Network Disk.
    • Added “Extension User Password Changed” event setting.
  • Optimized AMI interface: added the path of recordings in CDR records.
  • Optimized the function of Seizing Trunk by BLF key: the administrator can set who can seize a trunk to call out.
  • Optimized Call Forwarding function through E1 trunk.
  • Optimized Ring Group and Queue: if an extension is registered on multiple phones, when the extension is busy, the PBX would not call other phones that registered the same extension.
  • Optimized Network Disk setting: the Name filed would not accept blank space.
  • Optimized Logs Auto Cleanup: the PBX can store the logs for a maximum of 15 days.
  • Optimized the Periodic Announcements of a Queue.
  • Optimized the Web interface.

Fixed Bug

  • Fixed the issue that video call could not work.
  • Fixed the compatibility issue with Yeastar TA FXS Gateway.
  • Fixed the SIP message issue: SIP message could not work on Fanvil phones.
  • Fixed the issue that PBX could not resolve FSK signal.
  • Fixed the issue that the when a user pressed BLF key to seize a trunk to call out, the call didn’t conform to the dial pattern on PBX.
  • Fixed the PSTN trunk issue: the call through a PSTN trunk might hang up automatically.
  • Fixed the interconnection issue with another device: the interconnection would fail if you used S-Series IPPBX’s extension to register a SIP trunk on other device.
  • Fixed the issue that the SIP trunk could not work if the transport protocol was changed.
  • Fixed the Inbound to Outbound call issue on E1 trunk.
  • Fixed the DOD issue on E1/BRI trunk: importing DOD numbers could not work properly.
  • Fixed the DID matching issue on Inbound Route: if multiple inbound routes have the same DID number(s), the PBX could route inbound calls properly.
  • Fixed the Recording issue: the voice of the caller and callee might be overlapping.
  • Fixed the issue that the extension users failed to download CDR files on Web.
  • Fixed the issue that the PBX displayed incorrect capacity status of network disk.
  • Fixed the issue that the status of PSTN trunk was incorrect.
  • Fixed Auto Cleanup issue: if you chose to store logs to an external device, the PBX would not auto clean up the logs.
  • Fixed ICMP detection issue: if you enabled “Drop All” on firewall, ICMP detection could not work.
  • Fixed SMS to Email issue:
    • If you sent SMS to email frequently in a short time, the SMS might not be sent successfully.
    • If the SMS has too much content, the SMS might not be sent successfully.
  • Fixed Email to SMS issue: Email to SMS could not work properly if the email contains Portuguese contents.
  • Fixed the issue that the status of GSM module and 3G module was incorrect.
  • Fixed Web interface issue on Hotel App.
  • Fixed issues on Billing App:
    • The billing was improper for transferred calls.
    • Billing Rate setting could not work properly on Spanish web interface.
    • If Billing function was enabled, the PBX could not forward calls to external numbers.
  • Fixed the issue on LDAP App:
    • The phone would display incorrect contact information when you queried a contact on your phone.
    • Optimized the Contacts Importing function.
  • Fixed conference issue: inviting external members by your phone would fail if a password was set on the outbound route.
  • Fixed the issue on Conference Panel: if the length of the conference number exceeded 4 characters, the conference panel would have a series of problems.
  • Fixed the voicemail prompt issue: the PBX didn’t play the customized prompt.
  • Fixed the Call Forward issue: the PBX could not forward calls to an external number.
  • Fixed CDR issue: when an external call reached a queue, the CDR of this call was incorrect.
  • Fixed the identification issue of feature code.