Released Date: September 22, 2017

Upgrade Notes:

  • This version has greatly enhanced the security mechanism; we strongly suggest all users upgrade to this new version.
  • After upgrading to version, to make sure Linkus can be properly used, please upgrade Linkus App to 1.4.7 in App Center.
  • If you are using Hot Standby, please disable it first, and upgrade the two PBXs separately before enabling Hot Standby again. Otherwise, the PBX's extensions will fail to register after the upgrade.

New Feature

  • Added API feature: Third-party applications can get IPPBX information via the API. This feature is supported in S50, S100, S300.


  • Reduced background noise when playing system prompts and global recording in Linkus Mobile Clients.
  • Optimized Web interface login security: after five unsuccessful login attempts in the Web interface, instead of locking the account for 10 minutes, the IP address will be added into the firewall blocklist.
  • Optimized extension registration security: when failed to register extension using the same IP address for five times in five minutes, the IP address will be added into the firewall blocklist.

Fixed Bug

  • Fixed Attended Transfer issue on Linkus Mobile Client: when Linkus Mobile Client user A (extension A) made an outbound call through the GSM trunk, and transferred it to the extension B during the call using the “Attended Transfer” feature, then user A pressed the “Transfer” button before extension B could press the “Answer”, the call would be hung up..
  • Fixed the issue that DTMF on Polycom Phones did not take effect.
  • Fixed the issue that when administrator sent emails containing a QR code for users to login their Linkus Mobile Client account, some emails would display garbage characters.