Release Date: April 7, 2024

Improvements and bug fixes

Outbound Routes
  • Increased the maximum input length for Prepend to 20.
  • Added support for defining the scenario(s) in which a queue will be considered to have no agents and on-hold callers will be forced out of the queue (Path: Settings > PBX > Call Features > Queue > Caller Experience Settings > Leave When Empty).

  • Added support for defining the scenario(s) in which a queue will be considered to have no agents and callers will NOT be allowed to join (Path: Settings > PBX > Call Features > Queue > Caller Experience Settings > Disallow to Join When Empty).

  • Added a new configuration item Mute Participants.

    If the option is enabled for a specific conference, all the participants except for moderators will be muted by default when entering the conference.

  • Added a new option Disable for the configuration item Sound Prompt.

    If Sound Prompt for a specific conference is set to Disable, all the participants will NOT be alerted when users join or leave the conference.

  • Fixed the following DOD issues:
    • The defined DOD Name exceeded the maximum string length, resulting in the DOD Number and DOD Name displayed on PBX web interface and called party's device being incorrect.
    • A DOD record whose DOD Name contained a space was missing from the exported DOD file.
  • Fixed the outbound call issue: Callers failed to dial through the specified outbound route from the IVR that was restricted from calling specific extensions.
Call Parking
  • Fixed the Timeout Destination issue: The Timeout Destination of call parking was set to Original Parker, but when an incoming call was picked up and parked by another extension user, the parked call was not routed to the original parker after the parking timeout.
  • Fixed the issue of memory overload.
Date & Time
  • Fixed the time zone issue: The reboot prompt was not displayed after saving time zone changes, resulting in the time zone change failure.
  • Fixed the recording issue: Failed to record calls after mounting a hard disk to store the recording files.
Event Notification
  • Fixed the event notification issue: A large volume of emails were sent to the contacts concerned when an IP was blocked due to too many attack attempts.
  • Fixed the issue that SNMP didn't work.
CDR and Recording
  • Fixed the recording issue: After inbound calls to a queue were answered, some recordings of the queue calls were unexpectedly missing.
  • Added the following parameters for Conference interfaces conference/query and conference/update.
    • mute: Query or configure whether to mute all participants except for moderators when entering a specific conference.
    • prompt: Query or configure the prompt used for the login and logout of conference members.
  • Added the following parameters for Queue interfaces queue/query and queue/update.
    • disallow_to_join_when_empty: Query or configure whether to disallow callers to join a queue where no agents are available.
    • empty_defined_for_disallow_to_join_when_empty: Query or configure the scenario(s) in which the queue will be considered to have no agents, and callers are NOT allowed to join.
    • empty_defined_for_leave_empty: Query or configure the scenario(s) in which the queue will be considered to have no agents, and on-hold callers will be forced out of the queue.
  • Added support for QueueAgentRingNoAnswerTimeout and QueueAutoPause events.
  • Fixed the following conference issues:
    • Invited users to join a conference with call recording enabled by calling the conference/add_member interface, but there was no call log and no call recording after the conference call ended.
    • The 10110 error (The conference number does not exist) was responded when querying the settings of multiple in-session conferences by calling the conference/query_in_session interface if there was no participant in the first queried conference.
  • Fixed the queue issue: Failed to obtain the caller number when querying queue status.
  • Fixed the voicemail issue: If users called to PBX via physical trunk and left voicemail messages, the caller number would be missing when querying these voicemails.
  • Fixed the recording issue: The 20014 error (The recording file does not exist) was responded when downloading recording file of conference calls.
  • Fixed the hotel issues:
    • API was disconnected when querying alarm settings of all extensions.
    • After adding an alarm for an extension registered on multiple endpoints, only a single endpoint would receive the wake-up call at the alarm time.
Call Issue
  • Fixed the inbound call failure from mobile phone.
  • Fixed the issue that queue agents failed to make or receive calls after logging in or logging out using API interface.
  • Fixed the issue that one-way audio occurred during external calls if the PBX in a Hot Standby pair was set up with NAT.
Video Issue
  • Fixed the video issue: Door station and indoor station were registered to PBX using FQDN domain name, but there was no video on the indoor station when receiving incoming call.
Auto Provision
  • Added support for Yealink IP phones: T21_E2, T31W, T34W, T44U, T44W, T58W, W70B, CP925, CP965, CP935W.
  • Fixed the auto provisioning failure issue: If PBX was in DHCP mode, IP phones failed to be auto provisioned when the PBX was rebooted after a power failure.
Linkus Server
  • Optimized Linkus Android push.
    Note: Please upgrade to this new version, otherwise Android users could NOT receive Linkus calls when Linkus was killed.
  • Added support for entering + in the Match Pattern field (Path: Rate > General Settings).