Released Date: December 12, 2019


Zoho Integration

Added Zoho Integration App.

Zoho Integration App is designed to facilitate quick integration between your PBX and multiple Zoho applications.

FXS Hotline
Added Hotline feature on FXS extension.

Edit the FXS extension, click Features tab to configure the Hotline settings.

Call Parking - Timeout Destination

Added support for configuring the timeout destination of Call Parking.

Go to Settings > General > Feature Code > Call Parking to configure the Timeout Destination.

When a parked call hasn't been retrieved before the parking timeout, PBX will route the call to the designated destination.

  • Original Parker: the call will be routed to the Parker who parks this call.
  • Extension: the call will be routed to the designated extension number.
  • Extension's Voicemail: the call will be routed to the designated extension's voicemail.
  • Custom Number: the call will be routed to the designated number.
Recording Notifications

Added support for configuring different recording notifications of internal calls, inbound calls,outbound calls, and callback calls.

Go to Settings > PBX > Auto Recording to configure the recording notifications.
  • Outbound Calls being Recorded Prompt: If the external call (outbound) has enabled call recording, this prompt will notify the external party that the call is being recorded.
  • Inbound Calls being Recorded Prompt: If the external call (inbound) has enabled call recording, this prompt will notify the external party that the call is being recorded.
  • Callback Calls being Recorded Prompt: If the external call (callback) has enabled call recording, this prompt will notify the external party that the call is being recorded.
Custom Reset options

Added support for configuring Reset options.

Go to Maintenance > Reset to configure the resetting options.
  • Reset IP: after the reset, the PBX's IP address will be changed to
  • Reset CDR and Recording Files: reset and delete CDR, one-touch recordings, and auto recording files for trunk, extension and conference calls.
    Note: the CDR and recording files storied in external storage device(s) won't be reset and deleted. Users can delete them manually.
  • Reset Backup Files: reset and delete the backup files.
  • Reset Prompts: reset and delete the uploaded files for custom prompt.
  • Reset Other System Settings: reset other system settings and logs, including system logs, event logs, operation logs, etc.


System Stability
  • Optimized the mechanism of applying configuration changes to improve the system stability.
    • You don't need to click Apply button to reload Asterisk if you save unchanged configurations.
    • If no Apply button appears after you save some specific configuration changes, then the configurations can be saved without reloading Asterisk.
  • Fixed the Extension issue: The web page got stuck if the number of the extensions you created beyond the defined extension range.
  • Optimized SIP Peer Trunk: Added Enable SRTP setting on the SIP Peer Trunk.
  • Fixed the issue of Registered SIP Trunk: The DID Settings on the trunk didn't display.
  • Fixed the issue of SIP trunk: If you created a SIP trunk by template, the DID Settings could not display on the SIP trunk created later.
SIP Settings
  • Optimized Session Timer settings: If Session Timer is enabled, the Session-Expires (s) field and Min-SE (s) field are required.
  • Added support for DTMF Passthrough.

    Go to Settings > PBX > General > SIP > Advanced to enable DTMF Passthrough feature.

    If DTMF Passthrough is enabled, PBX will not process the DMTF tones,and pass DTMF tones transparently to the other end.

  • Fixed the Static Route issue: The static routes were missing after rebooting the PBX.
Call Transfer
  • Fixed the compatibility issue between Call Transfer and Multisite Interconnect: If Multisite Interconnect was enabled, extension user could not use feature code to transfer the call that was established with an external user.
  • Fixed the Queue issue: PBX routed an inbound call to the agent who was in a call with an external user.
  • Fixed the CDR issue: If an inbound call from PSTN trunk to a Ring Group was unanswered, multiple records of missed calls were generated in CDR.
  • Fixed the Custom Prompt issue: Failed to play the prompt file that was recorded by a video IP phone.
  • Fixed the Notification issue: The notification "English System Prompt Upgrade success" displayed on the PBX web page periodically even no system prompts was upgrade.
Auto Recording
  • To clearly distinguish Auto Recording and One-touch Recording, renamed Recording and Call Recording to Auto Recording.
    Affected web UI:
    • Old Path: Settings > PBX > Recording.

      New Path: Settings > PBX > Auto Recording.

    • Old Path: Settings > System > Storage > Preference > Storage Locations > Recording.

      New Path: Settings > System > Storage > Preference > Storage Locations > Auto Recording.

    • Old Path: Settings > System > Auto Cleanup > Recordings Auto Cleanup.

      New Path: Settings > System > Auto Cleanup > Auto Recordings Auto Cleanup.

    • Old Path: Settings > General > Recording > Call Recording Switch.

      New Path: Settings > General > Recording > Auto Recording Switch.

  • Fixed the Email issue: The POP3 test would fail if you enter a customized user name in the Email Address or Username field.
User Permission
  • Optimized the User Permission setting: Manually entering a value in the Set Privilege As field is not allowed.
  • Fixed the Network Drive issue: The network drive could not be mounted to the PBX if the network drive server started slower than the PBX.
Event Center
  • Optimized Event notifications: The notification emails contains the PBX Serial Number and the local IP address of the PBX.
System Log
  • Fixed the System Log issue: The system log files might not be downloaded due to the large file size.
Auto Provisioning
  • Fixed the Custom Template issue: The contents in Others tab were missing.
  • Fixed the billing issue: No billing record for the inbound call that was transferred to an extension.
  • Fixed the CDR issue: The call logs didn't display the billing information.