Released Date: August 23, 2016

New Feature

  • Added new App Conference Panel.
  • Added SLA feature.
  • Added new network mode “Single”.
  • Added Notifications on taskbar.
  • Added web alert when the PBX power is off or the PBX is off-line.
  • Added SIP “Jitter Buffer” settings.
  • Added support for importing and exporting extensions.
  • Added support for the following Tone Regions: Turkey, Korea, Serbia, Panama.
  • Added support for Spanish Web User Interface language.
  • Added conference status on PBX Monitor panel.
  • Added “Echo Cancellation” setting on GSM/3G trunk and FXO trunk.
  • Added support for registering SIP trunk with random SIP port.


  • If you do not change login password and set up an email, the system will remind you to do the configuration every time you log in.
  • Administrator account (admin) Password has an 8-63 character limit; the password must contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers.
  • Extension account Password has a 6-63 character limit; the following characters are not allowed:

    & ; " ' \ < > | ,

  • Your S-Series PBX’s system prompts would be updated to the newest version automatically after firmware upgrade.
  • If you change the system service port (like FTP, HTTP, SSH etc.), the system will remind you to reconfigure the firewall settings.
  • AutoCLIP routing could match incoming numbers with area codes and special character “+”.
  • Added “SMS to Email” and “Email to SMS” failure records in Event Log.
  • For Logs Auto Cleanup, the “Logs Preservation Duration” setting is for system logs, the “Max Number of Logs” setting is for operation logs.
  • The callback list will display each callback’s detailed destination.
  • Limit the Network Drive number:
    • S20 Maximum Network Drive: 2
    • S50 Maximum Network Drive: 2
    • S100 Maximum Network Drive: 4
    • S300 Maximum Network Drive: 4
  • The system will log you off from the web if you do not do any operation on the S-Series PBX web GUI in half an hour.
  • Added CPU temperature information in system logs.

Fixed Bug

  • Fixed the DNS SRV Lookup issue: if the DNS SRV analysis result was a domain, a VoIP trunk registered using the domain would not work.
  • Fixed VoIP Trunk issue: if entering an IP address in the “Hostname/IP” field and entering a domain in the “Domain” field, the trunk could not be registered.
  • Fixed the queue ring strategy issue: if a queue agent has registered his own extension number on multiple phones, incoming calls could only reach one of the agent’s phones.
  • Fixed the compatibility issue with VoIP provider netelip.
  • Fixed the issue that sending email to SMS would fail if the content exceeded the length limit.
  • Fixed the issue that the system would automatically make outbound calls through FXO trunks.
  • Fixed the Event Center issue: WAN port failure was not recorded in the event logs.
  • Fixed the dual mode network issue: if one Ethernet port used VLAN, the other Ethernet port could not work properly.
  • Fixed the IE11 compatibility issue: users could not play recording files on PBX web GUI.
  • Fixed the Holiday issue: the holiday worked based on Time Zone GMT +0.
  • Fixed the E1 trunk issue: the call quality was bad when using the E1 trunk.
  • Fixed the Event Center issue: the event center repeatedly recorded SIP trunk registration failure.
  • Fixed the Call Log issue: if you configured DOD numbers on a SIP trunk, and made outbound calls through the SIP trunk, the “Call From” value would be wrong in call logs.