Released Date: January 4, 2017

New Feature

  • Added support for Czech and Slovak system prompts.
  • Added support for Portuguese and Serbian web interface.
  • Added Billing App.
  • Added Emergency Number feature.
  • Added support for installing or updating App by uploading App installer package to S-Series IPPBX.
  • Added support for logging in Web user interface by user email address.
  • Added Backup Schedule feature.
  • Added support for sending Email to SMS to multiple mobile phone numbers.
  • Extension users can configure their own allowlists to allow only trusted numbers to call their extensions.
  • Added support for adapting caller ID.
  • Added support for sharing hard disk / TF card / SD card / USB drive.
  • Added “Delete Voicemail” and “Dial 5 Prompt” settings for Voicemail.
  • Added support for displaying the original caller ID when you do attended transfer.
  • Added support for limiting VoIP trunk’s maximum channels.
  • Added “DID Number” setting for PSTN/GSM/3G trunk.


  • Updated Simplified Chinese, English and Spanish web interface.
  • Updated English, Hebrew and Chinese system prompts.
  • Upgrade the NTP server version to 4.2.8p8.
  • Supports to add a maximum of 5 prompts for an IVR.
  • Only permitted extensions can override the time condition. (Go to “Settings > PBX > General > Feature Code > Time Condition”, click “Set Extension Permission” to select the extensions.)
  • When a user picks up a call, he can see the incoming caller ID on his phone.
  • The system will give a prompt when a mobile extension user calls in the S-Series IPPBX.
  • Limit the length of outbound route “Dial Pattern” to 63 characters.
  • The debug commands under SSH will be recorded in system logs.

Fixed Bug

  • Fixed call log issue: when the incoming call reached a ring group, and a user in the group answered the call, this call log would not be record in the system.
  • Fixed the SIP peer trunk issue: the trunk would not work if “Qualify” is disabled.
  • Fixed E1 trunk issue: if the E1 trunk signaling is set to mfc/r2, this trunk would be unavailable to use.
  • Fixed the issue that using a BLF key to monitor a trunk, and pressed the key to dial out, the system might use a wrong trunk to call out.
  • Fixed SLA issue: using a BLF key to monitor a SLA trunk, and pressed the key to use the trunk, the system would hang up.